ESI - Employees State Insurance

We all face issues related to ESI and similar concerns; this raises our need to rely on someone who is trustworthy in providing these services. We here with our organization named Bedi Consultancy provide high class services as an ESI Consultant Punjab to all businesses in India. Apart from just handling your issues related with ESI in Punjab, we follow various acts which are passed by concern department.


  1. ESI Code No Registration & Amendments
  2. Generation of Sub Code Numbers for PAN India Branches.
  3. Generation of Monthly Contribution Challan including Expats.
  4. Timely remittance of monthly statutory contributions for PAN India Branches.
  5. Issuance of ESI Numbers / Generation of Insurance Cards for PAN India Branches.
  6. Issuance of Certificate of Coverage from ESIC
  7. Periodical preparation & submission of all statutory registers & returns as per statutory periodicity.
  8. Helping the employees in getting ESI benefits (Accident Claims and Medical claims etc.)
  9. Arranging Employees Help Desk Facility.
  10. Coordinate with the client in handling inspections by statutory authorities.
  11. Attending & Contesting the matter in Quasi-Judicial enquiry on the behalf of management. C-18 ,45 A ,C-19,45AA ,CP-2 , CP-23 & CP-24


Bedi Consultancy