Labour welfare funds servcies

Labour are the base of any business and that is why for their welfare the Indian Government has many strict laws and rules which are mandatory to follow by the Employers. Any issue with the same may attract huge penalties and even cancellation of license. Thus, we at Bedi Consultancy Services acts as the best Labour Law Advisor in Punjab

Why is Labour Law Consultant needed?

Along with the Central legislation governing welfare of the labour, most of the states also have their own Labour Welfare Fund as per individual state laws or adopted law from others state. So, the employer needs to work according to both, the Central and State laws.

Being a business owner, it is not possible to have all kind of knowledge about the different laws and its regulations; thus, being the best Labour Welfare Fund Consultant, BCS provides the best service to the business in Punjab and in Pan India.

Different Services Provided by Labour Welfare Fund Consultant:

Being the premier company in providing service of Labour Law Advisor, BCS provides a 360-degree solution to the business as the labour law consultant: -
- Provide regular consultancy about the matters related Labour Welfare Fund.
- Preparation, submission or giving a reply to any kind of notice from the concerned departments.
- Informing the Welfare Commission about the regular changes within the Company.
- Payment of contribution towards the Labour Welfare Fund on the behalf of the Company.
- Providing complete assistance to both the Company and the authorities regarding assessment and inspection from the labour department.
- Providing satisfying answers related to show cause notices issued by the department of welfare commissioner.
- Provides complete assistance to the business at the time of inspection and search by the inspector in any premises.
- Gives complete assistance and represents the business at the time of enquiries conducted by the department of authorities.

These are the basic services that BCS provides as the best Labour Law Consultant to the business. As a Labour Welfare Fund Consultant, we have the team of the most experienced and expert staffs. They have the detailed knowledge of every aspect of the different laws and regulations.

Along with the expert manpower, we also have the advanced system to provide the best service as the Labour Law Advisor to the business. With BCS Consultancy Services get the complete solution of the Payroll Processing and all other tasks of the business under one roof.

Labour Welfare Fund Services

- Calculation of contribution and deposited along with Form ‘A’ within prescribed time as per Act.
- Updating regarding new notifications and amendments done by Labour Department.
- All assessment & inspection from Labour department, when required
- Reply of Notices etc. from the concern authorities.
- Maintenance of all statutory registers & submission of form required by the Labour Department

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